Turning premiums into profits.

RFCP Significant Features and Benefits

  • Only the best of the best are accepted as members, ensuring a superior risk pool.
  • The RFCP combined 14-year loss ratio of 35.3% is the result of our members' focus on safety, selective underwriting, and the effectiveness of our loss control and claims management services.
  • Offering individually tailored, behavioral based safety programs, with a track record of preventing claims.
  • Providing aggressive individual claims management that allows you to direct how a claim is handled.
  • Quarterly claim reviews and consulting on cases involving severe injury, rehabilitation, early return to work, modified duty, potential fraud, and the like.
  • Ability to recoup up to 62.9% of your premium, based on your company's loss experience
  • Historical investment income of 2-5% on your loss fund dollars.
  • One of the most experienced captive management teams in the industry.
  • Members may participate in program governance through sub-committees:
    • Management
    • Safety
    • Claims
  • Service providers are directly accountable to members individually and collectively.
  • Members have the greatest possible control over the management, and ultimate cost, of their insurance program.
  • Comprehensive Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Property and Auto Coverage provided in all 50 states.