Turning premiums into profits.

The program’s structure and selectivity limits your risk.

Through risk sharing and risk transfer, the RFCP is structured to limit each member’s potential losses. In fact, your downside risk is protected on three levels, and the ratio of upside potential to downside risk is up to three-to-one.

The RFCP is very selective. Only companies that have superior management, a focus on safety, and that have achieved historical loss ratios significantly lower than the industry average are included. If this describes your company, we’d like to talk with you.

How the Restaurant Franchise Captive Program works.

Traditional insurance companies sell generic, one-size fits all restaurant policies to one-location “Mom and Pop” franchises, large multi-state operations and everything in between. They collect premiums, pay claims, and pocket the difference.

The Restaurant Franchise Captive Program (RFCP) provides an alternative to traditional policies that is specifically designed for larger, more sophisticated restaurant owners and franchise management companies with strong safety cultures and low loss ratios.

Participants get comprehensive, tailored restaurant coverage and pay initial premiums that are competitive with the traditional market. Then the program management works with your business to implement an intense and structured restaurant safety program focused on reducing and managing claims and driving down claims costs. When claim costs are reduced, you pocket the difference.