Turning premiums into profits.

Independent Joe Magazine (Dunkin Donuts Independent Franchise Association)

"The Captive Insurance Program Opportunity"

An article written by Everett Newman, Managing Vice Present, York Alternative Risk Solutions was featured in the April/May issue of Independent Joe magazine. The article entitled "The Captive Insurance Program Opportunity" describes how Dunkin' Donut franchisees can turn their insurance premiums into profits by participating in a captive insurance program. Independent Joe magazine

Insurance Journal

"Why Restaurant Franchises Make Good Program Business"

One industry segment ideal for the program market and somewhat immune to the effects of a battered economy is the fast-food, multi-unit restaurant franchise industry, the experts say.

The larger a company grows, the slower its rate of growth. But that's not true for many franchise operations. The largest franchise systems — including the crown jewel of the fast-food restaurant industry — keep getting larger and larger, according to the Franchise Times' Top 200, an annual industry ranking of the largest franchise systems in the country.

American Agent & Broker

An article co-written by Rick Stasi, Chief Operating Officer of Alternative Risk at Avizent and Everett Newman, Managing Partner at United Alternative Risk Insurance Solutions, LLC, was featured in the October 2010 issue of American Agent & Broker magazine. The article entitled “Captive Agreements Can Turn Premiums into Profits in Today’s Markets” describes how captive and rent-a-captive programs offer advantages for businesses in the current economic environment. It appears on the American Agent & Broker website and is the cover story in the magazine’s October 2010 printed issue.

Partnering for Alternative Options

Rick Stasi, Chief Operating Officer of Avizent Alternative Risk, was featured in the Rough Notes article, “Partnering for Alternative Options”. The article highlights Avizent’s creative risk solutions, including our rent-a-captive program, as well as benefits of our various captive options for agents, brokers, program administrators, groups and associations. The article appears on the Rough Notes website and in the magazine’s September 2010 printed issue.

Risk Management

An article by Rick Stasi, Chief Operating Officer of Avizent Alternative Risk, was featured in Risk Management magazine. The article entitled “Developing Effective Workplace Safety Programs – Part 1” discusses how employers will need to adjust their safety programs to ensure compliance and control costs. It appears on the Risk Management website and in the magazine’s May 2010 printed issue.

Turning Premiums into Profits in Today’s Market

There is an important adage that should have special meaning to brokers: if you live by price, you will die by price. In today’s market, property and casualty insurance has become a commodity and often brokers are charged merely with finding the lowest price possible for their clients. Such an environment leaves little opportunity for real growth, innovation, or long-term relationships.

Rent-a-captive sector reports drop in number of cells

The soft insurance market has not helped the rent-a-captive sector, with several domiciles reporting that the number of cells has decreased even as new formations continue, experts say.

Rent-a-captives, which enable companies to share the benefits and costs of captive ownership by forming a cell within a group captive to meet their insurance needs, have been around for about 40 years.

But within the past decade, several domiciles have improved on the concept, passing legislation that legally separates the liabilities and assets of participants in what is known as protected, sponsored or segregated cell companies from participants in other cells.