Turning premiums into profits.

Enjoy the benefits of insurance ownership participation.

The Restaurant Franchise Captive Program provides selected owners of quality restaurants and restaurant franchisees the opportunity for ownership participation in their own comprehensive insurance program.

Insurance that can provide a substantial return on investment.

Unlike traditional business insurance, the Restaurant Franchise Captive Program (RFCP) is insurance you own, not rent.

The difference can mean increased profitability and significant benefits for your business.

Unbeatable ROI: The program returns millions of dollars to members every year, in fact you can receive up to 60% of your paid-in premiums, minus the cost of claims.  You get the opportunity to receive underwriting profits on your property, liability and workers’ comp insurance policies, as well as lower loss rates.

Lower Loss Rates: Restaurant owners often see their pure loss rates (the cost of the claims) decrease by over 65% through program participation.  The program uses extensive safety and claims management services to drive down claim costs for all participants.

Proven Safety Programs: Take advantage of customized behavior-based safety programs to create a "Safety Culture" in your company that work to prevent losses.  Our behavior-based safety programs have a 20-year proven track record of reducing claim frequency.  We use a combination of onsite inspections, restaurant manager training, restaurant specific webinar safety training, a calendar-based self-inspection, and monthly safety meeting system to accomplish superior claim results.

Greater Control Over the Claims Process: How many times have claims been paid by your insurance carrier that you felt should not have been paid?  Because of specially negotiated claims protocols our program insureds must concur with both claim reserves and claim settlements before they are executed.  This gives you maximum control and involvement in the claims process.