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Partners-In-Excellence Companies

Claims Services are provided by Sedgwick Alternative Risk Solutions. Your claims team is dedicated to providing superior service, whose cornerstone is frequent communication with members when a claim occurs.

Members are encouraged to become involved in the strategic management of large lost time claims, claims where fraud is suspected, and claims where serious injury has occurred. The Sedgwick Alternative Risk Solutions claims team answers to you and the other shared owner participants collectively, not an insurance carrier.

Safety and Loss Prevention Services are provided by Sedgwick Alternative Risk Solutions, a specialist and leader in restaurant safety programs, providing consulting services designed to supplement and enhance your existing safety programs.

Underwriting The RFCP is insured and reinsured by ARCH an A+-15 , insurance carrier. They issue all policies and provide program reinsurance.

ARCH offers a coverage form that is second to none in the industry. Their form provides blanket coverage for building and business personal property, electronic data processing (EDP) equipment and signage. Machinery breakdown is included, exterior signs, back up of sewers and drains, loss of refrigeration and a host of other coverages specifically designed for restaurant operations.

Claims Oversight Sedgwick Alternative Risk Solutions works with you to ensure the best possible outcomes on individual cases. This gives you and the program a “2nd pair of eyes” looking at each claim.

Program Oversight Sedgwick Alternative Risk Solutions oversees operations from a global perspective to make sure that all services from all partners-in-excellence are provided as expected.