Turning premiums into profits.

With a minimum annual premium requirement of just $50,000, the Appetizer Program is for smaller to mid‐size restaurant companies.

  • Enables you to receive underwriting profits with limited risk
  • Returns up to 30% of your paid-in premiums minus your claims costs
  • Has returned millions of dollars to members every year
  • Has helped owners reduce their pure loss rates by over 65% since joining the program
  • Utilizes customized behavior-based safety programs to create a “safety culture” in your company that works to prevent losses
  • Provides a claims administrator who works for you, not an insurance company
  • Gives you greater control over the claims management process
  • Offers the opportunity to receive a return premium on property, liability and workers’ compensation coverage
  • Provides comprehensive coverage in all 50 states
  • Offers two kinds of reinsurance protection. One that protects you against a large single loss and one that limits your losses for any single policy year